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Lower Saucon Township Assisting in Recovery PAIR
For Lower Saucon Township residents seeking treatment for substance use disorders, call (610) 317-6110 or (610) 759-2200; ask for an officer; or walk into police headquarters. The police department will arrange for a professional to complete a drug and alcohol intake and assist with finding a treatment facility for those seeking help. Click here to read "Frequently Asked Questions". Click here to see "Resources for Alcohol and Substance Abuse".

Lower Saucon Township Pest Traps for the Walnut Twig Beetle
The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has placed insect traps at two parks in Lower Saucon Township, at Polk Valley Park and Southeastern Park. The insect traps are part of a detection survey for the Walnut Twig Beetle, a pest that can carry a fungus that causes the disease Thousand Cankers Disease in black walnut trees. Currently, the Walnut Twig Beetle is only know to be in Bucks, Chester and Lancaster counties. The traps have been placed high in the trees and away from heavy traffic areas, and are not dangerous to humans or pets. The traps will be serviced bi-weekly through October.

Lower Saucon Township Spotted Lanternfly
Be aware of the spotted lanternfly. Northampton County is currently under quarantine for the spotted lanternfly. You can take steps personally to limit the chance you may spread the spotted lanternfly. Do not park or leave items under tree lines and always check your vehicle for hitchhiking lanternflies. By doing this, it will reduce the risk of it becoming an unwelcome hitchhiker. Call the Bad Bug hotline at 1-866-253-7189 with details of the siting and your contact information. For more information or to report possible populations of Spotted Lanternfly, contact the hotline or visit the PA Dept. of Agriculture to find out more information and guidelines for the control of this lanternfly. Click here to read more.

Lower Saucon Township PPL Tree Cutting and Vegetation Management
Since trees are a common cause of power outages, vegetation management is a critical part of providing safe, reliable electric service. If left unmanaged, some vegetation can grow too close to their lines and cause outages or other unsafe conditions. Click here to read more.

If PPL must do any tree trimming and cutting, the contractor doing the work for PPL, must notify the residents well in advance that such work is scheduled to occur sometime in the future; and the contractor will discuss the nature of the tree work with the property owner. The property owner must sign a consent form for the work to be done. If the property owner does not want the wood, the contractor will put up a sign indicating "free firewood". PPL will have their contractor return in a week to remove any remaining wood from the property.

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