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Finance - Budget Advisory Committee

Lower Saucon Township The scope of the Budget Advisory Committee:

  • Become familiar with General Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).
  • Review annual budgets with a focus on expenditures and revenues to evaluate and recommend financial strategies that will benefit the Township.
  • Review the process used to prepare financial information and reports submitted to the Council.
  • Have an understanding of the financial software used by the Finance Office.
  • Review and make recommendations on the 5-year planning model.
  • Review and make recommendations on financial controls and processes utilized by the Finance Department.

Work on recommendations to create the following policies:
  • Minimum General Fund Balance Policy
  • Fund Balance Policy
  • Long term Capital Planning Policy (investing and debt service policies)
  • Prepare a debt service analysis.
  • Review annual financial audits, pension audits, and any other mandated audit performed on the Township's finances.
  • Meet with Department Heads to review their needs prior to preparation of 2016 Budget.

Click here to see the final Budget Advisory Committee report dated August 4, 2016.

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